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Content is the foundation of my work as an SEO copywriter, consultant, and trainer. I combine many years of experience as a journalist, blogger, and marketing/PR writer with SEO savvy, helping businesses of all sizes create content that attracts targeted, motivated traffic.

Through optimized content and link building strategies, I’ve helped clients ranging from solo proprietor businesses  to global corporations. Says Mary Hickey, founder of Next Gen Memorials: “Jim did a complete analysis of my site and made the right changes for us to get noticed by the search engines. My traffic is up over 25% since he worked his magic and I’m seeing a dramatic difference in sales! More traffic=more sales.”

I’ve developed over 100 pages for optimized for important keyword phrases, as well as provided SEO guidance for News@Cisco content. The majority of the pages continue to rank highly for their target search terms several years after they went live. For instance, the page I developed for small business firewall software still ranks no. 1 or 2 for that keyword phrase on Google.


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